XM Cyber Platform

Eliminates 99% of the risk to business sensitive systems by focusing on 1% of the exposures that can be exploited


Be laser focused on prioritizing the most important remediation of exposures to your most important assets.

Networks change constantly and that creates problems for IT and security operations. Gaps open exposing pathways that attackers can exploit. While enterprise security controls like firewalls, intrusion prevention, vulnerability management and endpoint tools attempt to secure your network, breaches are still possible.  The last line of defense must include constant analysis of daily exposures caused by exploitable vulnerabilities, common configuration mistakes, mismanaged credentials and legitimate user activity that exposes systems to risk of attack.

Why are hackers still successful despite significant investments in security controls? Several factors make securing your network difficult, mostly because of overwhelming alerts, never-ending software updates and patches, and numerous vulnerability notifications.  Those responsible for security must research and evaluate piles of data without context.  Risk reduction is almost impossible.

XM Cyber solves this problem by focusing your security investments where they can make the most impact on risk to business-critical assets. XM continuously scans your network and identifies exposures from exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, poorly managed credentials and risky user activities – these are the attacker golden nuggets, the essentials elements required for lateral move. The XM Platform then continuously simulates attacks towards your business-critical assets looking for attack paths that can be exploited. The result is a selective list of exposures putting your business-critical assets at risk. Context-sensitive least-effort remediation advice allows SecOps and IT teams to quickly patch the exposures.

See how Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization can enhance your full security universe

XM Cyber is the global leader in Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization that closes gaps in cloud and physical network security. Customers can rapidly identify and respond to cyber risks affecting their business-sensitive systems because the platform continuously calculates every potential attack path.

The XM Cyber Platform works closely with your existing security controls to give your teams additional information vital to rapid response. It’s more than just attack simulation. The platform secures your cloud, prioritizes remediation to vulnerabilities, identifies unknown and undiscovered attack paths, and demonstrably reduces risk.

Take just 3 minutes to see how XM Cyber predicts and prevents attacks via simulation.

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Attack Centric Exposure Prioritization

Continuously identify and respond to new exposures such as misconfigurations, undermanaged credentials, exploitable vulnerabilities and user error.

Risk based Vulnerability Management

Give your organization a means to manage risk through the simulation of real-life attack scenarios, applied in your production environment and executed continuously.

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Resource Management

Identify the most important attack paths to address based on the location of your critical assets, and then share remedial recommendations across all of your teams.

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Compliance Support

By continuously mapping your unique digital assets and visually identifying attack paths, you can demonstrate compliance with requirements across many regulatory mandates.

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Breach & Attack Simulation

XM Cyber safely and continuously simulates real hacking techniques that can reach your most critical assets.

Breach and Attack Simulation

Now you can truly see your cyber risk in relation to your most critical assets.  And proactively act to remediate.

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Red Teaming

Augment or build your red teams, enabling them to run multiple attacks continuously, automatically, and simultaneously.

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Auto Penetration Testing

See how automated attack simulation continuously identifies risk and goes beyond typical manual penetration testing.

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Attack-Based Vulnerability Management

The smarter way to identify and remediate risks to your digital world

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and inventory all IP-enabled devices in real time

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Vulnerability Prioritization

Combine patch data and patch reliability with prioritization based on assets at risk.

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Continuous Vulnerability Management

Streamline the process from identifying, classifying, and addressing vulnerabilities

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Cloud Security Posture Management

The goal of CSPM is to help stop the rise of breaches in the cloud as a result of misconfigurations and human error.

Safe Attack Simulation

Find out how attackers can move step-by-step to your most critical cloud assets using the most advanced techniques.

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Continuous Assessment

XM Cyber continuously and automatically shows you when gaps appear as a result of misconfigurations and errors.

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Prioritized Remediation

Quickly resolve security issues in your cloud with actionable advice that is prioritized based on the criticality of the digital assets that are compromised.

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