XM Cyber Platform

Prevent cybercrime through continuous security posture improvement


The XM Cyber Platform represents the most advanced attack simulation modeling system available for today’s complex networks.

XM Cyber prevents cyber-attacks by safely and continuously identifying gaps and delivering prioritized remedial recommendations to improve your overall security posture.  Now you can protect your environment from security challenges that arise daily as a result of misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and human error.

The system works safely in your live, production environment – showing you real gaps in your security.  And it gives you specific, actionable tasks required to remediate those gaps based on the potential impact to your most critical assets.

For example, with XM Cyber you can find out how an attacker could exploit a vulnerability, proceed to harvesting strong cached credentials, pivot to your cloud account and leverage IAM privilege escalations to reach your critical assets.

Prevent cyber crime through continuous security posture improvement.

Today’s complex environments demand a new solution that continuously watches for new attack paths that can be exploited by criminals. XM Cyber brings the next generation of security assessment, testing and validation tools to a new platform – one that empowers you with capabilities for breach and attack simulation, automated penetration testing, vulnerability management, cloud security and overall cyber security posture management.

Take just 3 minutes to see how XM Cyber predicts and prevents attacks via simulation.

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Security Posture Visibility

Go beyond simple security control validation to the next level of intelligent attack simulation.

Risk based Vulnerability Management

Give your organization a means to manage risk through the simulation of real-life attack scenarios, applied in your production environment and executed continuously.

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Resource Management

Identify the most important attack paths to address based on the location of your critical assets, and then share remedial recommendations across all of your teams.

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Compliance Support

By continuously mapping your unique digital assets and visually identifying attack paths, you can demonstrate compliance with requirements across many regulatory mandates.

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Breach & Attack Simulation

XM Cyber safely and continuously simulates real hacking techniques that can reach your most critical assets.

Breach and Attack Simulation

Now you can truly see your cyber risk in relation to your most critical assets.  And proactively act to remediate.

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Red Teaming

Augment or build your red teams, enabling them to run multiple attacks continuously, automatically, and simultaneously.

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Auto Penetration Testing

See how automated attack simulation continuously identifies risk and goes beyond typical manual penetration testing.

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Vulnerability Prioritization Technology

Vulnerabilities are overwhelming IT security teams as they try to understand where to focus.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identify and inventory all IP-enabled devices in real time

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Vulnerability Prioritization

Combine patch data and patch reliability with prioritization based on assets at risk.

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Patch Management

Our defense-in-depth approach ensures easy to implement solutions for patch management

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Cloud Security Posture Management

The goal of CSPM is to help stop the rise of breaches in the cloud as a result of misconfigurations and human error.

Safe Attack Simulation

Find out how attackers can move step-by-step to your most critical cloud assets using the most advanced techniques.

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Continuous Assessment

XM Cyber continuously and automatically shows you when gaps appear as a result of misconfigurations and errors.

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Prioritized Remediation

Quickly resolve security issues in your cloud with actionable advice that is prioritized based on the criticality of the digital assets that are compromised.

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