From Vulnerability Management to Exposure Management
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Vulnerability management has long been a security program cornerstone, with the goal of trying to address vulnerabilities as they are disclosed. Every organization wants…

CVE-2023-34362 – Critical Zero-Day Vulnerability Found in Popular MOVEIt Transfer Software
Zur Ulianitzky & Batya Steinherz | Blog

XM Cyber’s Research team is closely observing the emergence of a zero-day vulnerability in Progress Software’s popular managed file transfer solution, MOVEit Transfer. On…

A Practical Checklist to CTEM
Batya Steinherz | Blog

There’s a lot of hype around Gartner’s Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM). But CTEM isn’t a specific technology or a category of solutions. Instead,…

The GenAI Train has Left the Station: It’s Time to Secure the Tracks
Dan Anconina | Blog

  The adoption of generative AI in business introduces significant security and privacy risks. The ability to create convincing fake content and deep fakes…

Go from Navigating The Paths of Risk: The State of Exposure Management in 2023 Webinar

Did you know that 71% of organizations have exposures that can allow attackers to pivot from on-prem to cloud?

The Anatomy of a Healthcare Cyberattack: Two True Stories
Michael Lavengood | Blog

It’s no secret that the healthcare industry is a prime target for attackers. According to research from Check Point, healthcare organizations worldwide were attacked…

The Cloud is Just Half the Problem
Matthew Quinn | Blog

With many organizations making their shift to the cloud, a clear “cloud first” mentality has become prevalent among security professionals. And not so surprisingly,…

Enabling Continuous Exposure Remediation Efficiency with XM Cyber

By addressing just 2% of exposures that lie on choke points, you can eliminate multiple attack paths to critical assets. Learn how in this…

Top 10 Favorite Cybersecurity Podcasts
Shahar Solomon | Blog

As a cybersecurity professional, it’s important for me to stay current and on top of trending events. But to be honest, the cyber world…

Exposure Management XM Cyber Demo

Check out how XM Cyber helps you improve remediation efficiency and security posture at the same in this step-by-step product demonstration.

XM Cyber Company Brochure – Continuous Exposure Management Platform
Solution Briefs

With the XM Cyber Exposure Management Platform, you can continuously reduce exposures across your AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-prem environments, identify what matters most,…

Case Study: Cyber Guard
Case Studies

If you are an MSSP looking to give your customers continuous, real-time in depth knowledge of what to fix in their environments, check out…

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