Is Prioritization Important in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability may be an endearing trait among people, but it should be anathema to any smart organization. Look no further than the endless parade of successful data breaches and their devastating real-world consequences for proof of that. With state-sponsored hackers wreaking havoc, the average data breach costing more than $4 million and billions of records… Read More »

Best Methods for Implementing Automated Security Testing in Enterprises

Penetration tests have always been a bit of a love/hate proposition for most organizational security teams. On one hand, a thorough and rigorous manual test conducted by an experienced team of testers can uncover deeply hidden vulnerabilities that would otherwise fall through the cracks. On the other hand, such tests can take weeks or months… Read More »

How Pizza Can Be the Recipe to Understand Cloud Security

It's not always easy to wrap your mind around the various layers of cloud security and how they differ from conventional on-premises computing. Fortunately, we've formulated a simple (and delicious) metaphor for your consumption: A pizza dinner. First, think of conventional on-premises computing as the "at home" version of a pizza dinner. You manage the… Read More »