How do you protect your IoT devices from exploitation?

What constitutes a weak link? And what can be done to mitigate growing threats via IoT? IoT technology everywhere. No this is not a vision statement, but a reflection of our reality.  From wearables to smart home systems and routers… Devices with sensors that collect data in real time are rapidly expanding. To many they […]

Cyberspresso: Piping hot threat & attack news… grab a coffee, get updated

An astounding 200M data sets sold on the Dark Web A Chinese-based hacker group has been selling data of approximately 200 million Japanese users. IDs, passwords and email addresses, extruded from retail and gaming sites, were just some of the information sources up for grabs, according to FireEye iSIGHT. The fee for the entire data […]

Did you just create a paradise for hackers?

Why Shadow IT is the oxygen for APTs &  how to contain it? 1st post in series highlighting real life APT attacks examples.  By Shai Mendel, Team leader at XM Cyber Ah, shadow IT errors; so common, yet hidden disasters in the making. In fact Gartner predicts that by 2020, a third of enterprise attacks will […]

RSA Conference 2018 Takeaways

Trends, technologies and talking points As the RSA conference draws to a close, we’re looking back with red-shot eyes, at the week that was. RSA has evolved from a small cryptography conference to a mega cybersecurity global event, with over 42,000 attendees. What’s hard to fathom is that the conference this year is drawing the […]