How Pizza Can Be the Recipe to Understand Cloud Security

It's not always easy to wrap your mind around the various layers of cloud security and how they differ from conventional on-premises computing. Fortunately, we've formulated a simple (and delicious) metaphor for your consumption: A pizza dinner. First, think of conventional on-premises computing as the "at home" version of a pizza dinner. You manage the… Read More »

Gain Full Visibility into Potential Attacks Across Amazon Web Services (AWS) Environments

The AWS Security Challenge Consider all the components required to build a successful AWS infrastructure: virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are many opportunities to make mistakes or misconfigure accounts and permissions. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network.… Read More »

Why Breach and Attack Simulations Are the Keys to a Secure Cloud

Many of today’s businesses are compelled to migrate to the cloud on an accelerated timeline. Unfortunately, this business mandate often forces teams to push forward without fully working through the security considerations. For a prominent example of this phenomenon, look no further than Amazon Web Services (AWS). When firms begin building their infrastructure in AWS,… Read More »

XM Cyber at Black Hat Europe 2019: New Approach to Attacking Cloud Infrastructure

Public cloud infrastructure presents security teams with a new invisible management layer, creating new security challenges that demand better understanding. Failure to grapple with such challenges created by this hidden layer of cloud identity and access management is creating profound risk for today's organizations. In a talk for Black Hat Europe 2019 ("Inside Out: The Cloud… Read More »