XM Cyber Research Finds That Hackers Can Claim ‘Checkmate’ on 94% of Critical Assets in Just Four Moves 
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First Annual Impact Report Reveals Hackers’ Journeys and How To Mitigate; Demonstrates XM’s Ability to See All Ways that Critical Business Assets Can Be Compromised…

Operationalizing a “think like the enemy” strategy

MITRE ATT&CK and new security technology innovation make this possible.

XM Cyber Teams with AWS to Bring Attack Path Management Capabilities to Customers Using the New, Enhanced Amazon Inspector
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XM Cyber helps enhance customer security on AWS with continuous and automated mitigation of hybrid cyber risk  Las Vegas, NV (November 30, 2021) —…

Schwarz Group Acquires Israeli Hybrid Cloud Cybersecurity Innovator XM Cyber
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Neckarsulm, Germany and Herzliya, Israel — November 22, 2021 — Schwarz Group, the world’s fourth-largest retailer and a growing force in cloud computing, today…

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