Consider all the components required to build a successful cloud infrastructure: virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are many opportunities to make mistakes or misconļ¬gure accounts and permissions. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network. XM Cyber helps you understand your use of AWS from attackerā€™s perspective.

XM Cyber is a leader in this new category and is the only attack simulation solution that canwork with AWS.

With XM Cyber, you can run attack simulations constantly within your production environment and see immediately when attack paths open across your on premise and AWS instance.


Accurately prioritize incidents based on real-time attack paths
Integrating our Attack Path Management platform with your EPP/EDR will highlight on real attack paths of incidents, the high risk exposure points the attacker will leverage to reach your critical assets. In addition you will get step-by-step remediation guidance to prevent the attacker from succeeding.

  • Know which endpoints are critical junctions for successful attacks
  • Identify the cyber exposures that exist across your endpoints to tune the endpoint hardening
  • Improve visibility and reduce risk
  • Continuously identify new exposures
  • Rapidly respond to prioritized exposures
  • Complete your incident response strategy


Orchestrate remediation processes based on real-time attack path modeling
Integrating our Attack Path Management platform with your SOAR or SIEM systems, will provide your analysts with one-click access to real-time attack modeling with a complete graph based view of all possible attack paths to your critical assets.
In addition, your analysts will receive instant contextual information and step-by-step remediation guidance for high-priority security issues in assets involved in all attack paths associated with any incident.

  • Gain a view of all possible attack paths
  • Prioritize remediation efforts
  • Continuously evaluate your security posture
  • Improve decision-making to reduce risk
  • Optimize your teamsā€™ time and resources


Know what vulnerabilities lead to your critical assets
Our integration with your VA tools enables you to correlate and prioritize your vulnerability data with all possible attack paths to quickly identify and remediate the highest risk to your critical assets.

  • See how unpatched vulnerabilities are used by attackers to propagate your network
  • Know which vulnerabilities are more important to fix over others
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your vulnerability assessment tools and improve return on security investment
  • Proactively and cost-effectively secure your critical assets
  • Lower risk while optimizing your teamā€™s time and effort


Automatically create tickets for newly identified and prioritized security issues
Our integration with your ticketing system enables us to automatically create tickets prioritized based on risk to critical assets, with the required remediation processes.

  • Know what incident to fix first to improve security posture
  • See all incident parameters from your system
  • Optimize your teamsā€™ time and resources
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your ticketing system and improve ROSI
  • Proactively and cost-effectively secure your critical assets

The XM Cyber Attack Path Management Platform proactively reveals the risky spots attackers use to move laterally within your network and get closer to your critical assets

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