How Financial Services Institutions Are Tackling Continuous Exposure Management
Ian Gallagher | Blog

Leading Financial Services institutions are proactively identifying their most high-risk exposures with an Exposure Management platform. This post recounts 4 times they uncovered attack…

From Our Experts: 14 Tips to Reduce Your Exposure to Ransomware
Batya Steinherz | Blog

At XM Cyber, we’re all about reducing your cyber exposures to protect your attack surface. There are quite obviously loads of methods attackers leverage…

Attack Surface Reduction: 7 Expert Tips to Defend Your Organization
Batya Steinherz | Blog

Back in the day, networks used to be likened to castles – with strong, impenetrable walls and entrance strictly limited to authorized users through…

Extracting Encrypted Credentials from Common Tools
Zur Ulianitzky and David Azria | Blog

Overview During our day to day research, we face the question of what can be extracted from a  compromised machine in order to move…

CVE-2022-42475 – Critical RCE Fortinet Vulnerability 
David Azria & Zur Ulianitzky | Blog

On December 12th, Fortinet, one of the foremost players in the firewall, AV, intrusion prevention systems, and endpoint security ecosystem, announced the discovery of…

2023: Time to Secure Active Directory and Azure AD
Menachem Shafran | Blog

Four key action items to harden AD and Azure AD in 2023 First introduced in 1999 as Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services for Windows…

10 Cybersecurity Influencers to Follow – and Learn a Thing or Two From!
Menachem Shafran | Blog

The world of cybersecurity changes more frequently than most of us change our socks – and definitely more often than any of us change…

Cyber Exposure – What it Means for You and 4 Steps to Managing it
Dan Anconina | Blog

Cmon, as a cybersecurity leader, do you really need any stats to tell you that your job has never been more challenging?  No, probably…

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes XM Cyber as the Leader in Global Breach and Attack Simulation Market Excellence in Best Practices

Each year, global research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan recognizes a variety of companies that truly define and set the model for the…

XM Cyber Advisory – OpenSSL Critical Vulnerability
Zur Ulianitzky and David Azria | Blog

Overview According to the OpenSSL team, on November 1st, 2022, a new version, number 3.0.7 will be released ( It’s interesting to note that…

Continuous Controls Monitoring: Automatically Identifying Gaps in Security Controls
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Today, we are going to talk about something that might not score too high on anyone’s “Oh wow, I’ve been wondering about that” list….

Why Attack Surface Management is Essential for Cybersecurity
Michael Greenberg | Blog

If you want to defend yourself, you need to know everywhere that you’re vulnerable. Then, you need to start eliminating those weaknesses. That’s the…

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