What Is the Difference Between Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Management?
Dan Anconina | Blog

If you have an extremely valuable asset, you need a smart strategy to protect it. Unfortunately, many organizations are operating without one. That lack…

What Are the Different Types of Vulnerability Assessment?
Dan Anconina | Blog

How do we best protect what’s most valuable to us? That’s a question that we all wrestle with. For today’s enterprises, few things are…

Why Focusing on Choke Points Can Help Solve Your Resource Constraints
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Most modern security teams perpetually deal with resource constraints. Whether it’s money, manpower or tools, cybersecurity is usually a game of deciding how to…

4 Top Methods Attackers Use to Move Across Your Hybrid Networks and Compromise Business-critical Assets
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Cybersecurity is a cat-and-mouse game, and it’s important for defenders to be able to anticipate the likely methods attackers will use to compromise their…

What Is Proactive Cyber Defense?
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Cybercrime is obstructing business and governments worldwide. No longer just an IT problem, it is the biggest threat to organizations’ reputation and business continuity….

CISOs and Their Boards are Failing to Communicate — with Disastrous Results for Enterprise Security
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Why changing your reporting approach is the key to connecting with your board and protecting your most critical assets. Today’s CISOs understand that cyber-risk…

How to Combat Advanced Persistent Threats
Sharron Malaver | Blog

Imagine the following Security Operations (SecOps) scenario. A large organization conducts regular audits of its security controls. It monitors a collection of intrusion detection…

How Is Your Enterprise IT Hygiene?
Artiom Levinton | Blog

We’re hearing a lot these days about the need for strong and consistent enterprise IT hygiene in cybersecurity. Good. What is that, anyway? An…

XM Cyber Advisory – Follina, CVE-2022-30190, Zero Day
Zur Ulianitzky and Bill Ben Haim | Blog

On May 27, a new zero day critical vulnerability called Follina was discovered by the nao_sec security research team. The vulnerability resides in malicious…

Chaining together Active Directory attack techniques to give your organization the edge against attackers
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Debuting at RSA 2022 we will show the industry how we can link the use of Active Directory (AD) into the entire attack path,…

Decrypting VMware Workstation Passwords for Fun
David Azria & Zur Ulianitzky | Blog

Overview At XM Cyber, we have been hard at work on the techniques that attackers use against your VMware environments. What you’re about to…

Our security is only as strong as our ability to manage it: The necessity of Attack Path Management for the Hybrid Cloud
Michael Greenberg | Blog

Now it’s no secret businesses have ramped up and driven the adoption of the cloud faster than any period previously. One of the key…

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