Break the critical points
in the attack chain

Illuminate and disrupt the attack paths leading to
 your critical assets, in the cloud or on-premises


attack paths for accurate
 visibility of your security posture

Understand how attackers can
 compromise your critical assets across
 on-premises, cloud or hybrid networks.


on a prioritized, actionable
 remediation plan

Identify the key entities used in multiple
attack paths and know what to fix first.


your overall security posture
 and business, continuously

Drive fast and cost effective remediation of
 risk instantly boosting security posture.

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XM Cyber Attack Path Management Platform

See your attack surface through the attacker’s eyes

Continuously fix high-risk security issues in a cost-effective manner

Empower your team and leverage your security infrastructure

XM Cyber provides the adverserial perspective for the hybrid attack surface. Learn
 how attack path management can accelerate digital transformation.

Award Winning Technology

We rely on XM Cyber’s continuous, automated testing to surface in real-time, security issues that would normally take us dozens of manual steps to discover.”

Jens Meier, CEO at Hamburg Port Authority

“Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that’s really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us.”

Harold Moore, CISSP, Director of IT Security
at Plymouth Rock


Eliminate the risks that matter most.