Advanced Holistic Techniques
Vulnerability Prioritization Technology
Cloud & Hybrid Network Ready

Breach and Attack Simulation

Continuously find attack vectors threatening your critical assets and get prioritized, actionable remediation. Learn more. 

Cloud Security Posture Management

Continuously assess, identify and resolve security gaps as you migrate and secure your environment in the cloud. Learn more.

Security Posture Visibility

Implement continuous security posture improvement and prioritize security activities based on potential impact. Learn more.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Find and manage vulnerabilities working in tandem with your XM Cyber recommended remediation plans. Learn more. 

Patented Simulation Platform

XM Cyber relies on patented technology to safely and continuously identify gaps and give prioritized remediation. Learn more. 

Continuous & Safe Execution

Ask us about our unique approach to truly creating a holistic attack assessment in your production environment. Learn more. 

See XM Cyber’s award winning advanced security posture management platform in just three minutes. Click Here.

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Advanced Security Posture Management Platform

Continuous Attack Simulation

Changes happen constantly.  Don’t wait for a scheduled scan. XM Cyber gives you a continuous view that exposes attack vectors, from breach point to any  critical asset.

Visual Attack Path Analytics

See an automatically generated network map that shows you each attack path, assets compromised, and the ability to drill down to see each step an attacker could use.

Prioritized Remediation

XM Cyber creates a prioritized remediation plan to help you quickly eliminate steps hackers would take inside your environment. Actionable advice is based on the criticality of each asset and the potential overall impact.

New report from Frost & Sullivan

Automated Breach and Attack Simulation:  The Cost and Risk Reduction Revolution is Here.

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3 Questions Every CISO Should Be Able to Answer

Managing complex information networks requires CISOs to focus on the fundamentals that tie business needs with IT capabilities.

Are my critical assets safe?

It’s not possible to totally protect every node in your network. By identifying which assets are critical and what attack paths might be available, CISOs can lower risk and impact of a breach.

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Where should I prioritize my team?

Some digital assets are more valuable than others. Create a continuous improvement process that focuses on the criticality of the assets, as well as the impact a compromise might have on other assets.

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Are my security strategies working?

Assessing the strength and efficacy of your security requires constant evaluation. Can you confirm that all known attack paths to your critical assets have been eliminated and the controls implemented work correctly?

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See how XM Cyber gives you a hacker’s view of your network in this animated short.

XMCyber Demo
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A Look Ahead to 2021 With XM Cyber

Here’s your top priority for the new year: Get your cybersecurity basics right and use XM Cyber’s Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization solution.

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SolarWinds/SUNBURST Attack

Here’s how the recent supply chain attack could be easily stopped. A cybersecurity vaccine exists – and it is 99% effective.

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SolarWinds/SUNBURST Attack

Lessons learned from the recent supply chain attack. Should we prioritize detection or prevention? The XM Factor is needed.

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2020 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award

Among the world’s best in the Overall Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Solution Provider of the Year category.

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