XM Cyber for Ransomware

Stop ransomware before it happens by closing all the gaps that hackers can use to infiltrate your network

Ransomware attackers don’t care about your company, your customers or your intellectual capital.

They only want to cripple you so they can extract a ransom.  And the number of attacks is growing rapidly (Mandiant ransomware investigations increased 860% from 2017 to 2019). Endpoint defenses are no longer sufficient in stopping these malicious actors from penetrating your network.  In fact, they do not even have to reach your critical assets – just shut down your operations by limiting access and encrypting your data.

BYOD, VPNs, RPDs and a host of new cloud and software tools have been introduced recently as enterprises around the world send employees home to work. This constant change exposes your company in ways that traditional security controls can’t identify. The only answer is to deploy pre-emptive security that identifies gaps and helps you remediate them on a continuous basis.

Stop them before they have the chance by knowing in advance how they can penetrate your network.

XM Cyber Platform

Prevent Ransomware Attacks Before They Happen

Now is the time to build XM Cyber Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization Platform (ACEPP) into your ransomware defense program. XM Cyber identifies for you the exposures within your network that can be used to attack your company — misconfigurations, open credentials, poor user behavior, and vulnerabilities generally caused by poor IT Hygiene. Now you have a continuous view of your risk and a prioritized list of remedial actions to take.

XM Cyber provides advanced preventative measures via its advanced ACEPP capabilities, allowing analysts to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks.

Do You Have a Ransomware Strategy?

Constant Change

XM Cyber to continuously shows you what would happen if a ransomware attacker gain access.

Hacks Are Hard to Find

By simulating an attack, XM Cyber shows what would happen if an attacker had access to any particular asset.

Unnoticed Hybrid Attacks

Find all possible steps that can be taken from a machine that is compromised, including hybrid attacks.

Lateral Movement

Identify service and domain accounts, vulnerabilities, and other configurations that allow attacks.

Find Choke Points

By eliminating the vulnerability of just one asset, the risk to the entire network can be greatly reduced.

Prioritized Remediation

Quickly prioritize remediation to eliminate risk from outside networks.

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USE CASE: XM Cyber for Ransomware 

Stop ransomware before it happens by closing all the gaps that hackers can use to infiltrate your network.

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