Cloud Security Posture Management

Lower your cloud risk with continuous assessment

The goal of Cloud Security Posture Management is to help stop the rise of breaches in the cloud as a result of misconfigurations and human error.

Analyst firms like Gartner regularly report that most attacks happening in cloud-based environments are from error, not vulnerabilities. Most organizations are still in the early stages of adopting cloud services. Constant change and new ways of working can easily create gaps in your security, particularly when combined with a hybrid network environment.

Change the way you view and manage your cyber security through a continuous cycle of measuring, prioritizing and improving your security posture.

Your network is complex.  It’s everywhere. Just in the past 10 years you’ve been challenged with new bring-your-own-device policies, supply chain and channel partner access, and migrating to the cloud.

Computer hardware, software and networks are not perfect. They have vulnerabilities that are patched by the manufacturers on a regular basis.  And implementing them can be challenging.  Mistakes are common.

XM Cyber helps you gain control of your overall cyber security posture. With the XM Cyber Platform, you will be able to continuously identify available attack paths that lead to your most critical assets. Running safely across your live environment, you’ll see your network the way a hacker views it.  And you’ll receive actionable, prioritized remediation plans to optimize security and network teams.

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Core Platform Features

Safe Attack Simulation

Find out how attackers can move step-by-step to your most critical cloud assets using the most advanced techniques.

Continuous Assessment

As you migrate and mature your cloud environment, you need to constantly check for gaps in your security. XM Cyber continuously and automatically shows you when gaps appear as a result of misconfigurations and errors.

Prioritized Remediation

Quickly resolve security issues in your cloud with actionable advice that is prioritized based on the criticality of the digital assets that are compromised.

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Now you can truly see your cyber risk in relation to your most critical assets. And proactively act to remediate.

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