See how attackers will move from on-prem to the cloud and back

Organizations can continuously reduce their risk exposure with Attack Path Management – hybrid cloud security that uncovers hidden attack paths to businesses’ critical assets, identifies security controls gaps and prioritizes security exposures so you can focus remediation activities.

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Always keep an eye on the paths to your critical assets

  • Reveal hidden connections between misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and overly permissive identities that compromise critical assets
  • Single view across your on-prem and cloud networks to continuously reduce risk exposure
  • Detect lateral movement opportunities
  • Get a true visualization of an attacker’s approach with graph based modeling


Gain insight on the most damaging attack paths

  • Give teams an intuitive platform for discovering, understanding, prioritizing, and eliminating risk
  • Run simulated scenarios 24/7 against the newest threats aligned with MITRE attack techniques
  • Direct resources to resolve the most damaging attack paths with step-by-step remediation guidance


When you eradicate key risks at the right point, the rest will go away

  • Save analyst time by cutting off attack paths at key junctures a.k.a. choke points, with a least cost, maximum impact approach
  • Automatically feed guided remediation into your ticketing system
  • Conduct automated, continuous risk reduction that’s safe, scalable, and simple to deploy regardless of your dynamic environment
  • Connect with customer-focused professionals who know your business and can share best practices and optimization tips whenever you need help


Continuous improvement of security posture on a 24/7/365 basis across your hybrid network

  • Easily communicate to the board whether the business is protected or not with easy to understand security score
  • Support business decisions with data that shows how your security posture is improving
  • See the impact of security investments on your security posture over time
  • Continuously monitor dynamic environments for new cyber exposures with a visual dashboard

Ready to see all ways?

Find out why some of the world’s largest , most complex organizations choose XM Cyber to help eradicate risk.

Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that's really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us.

Anne Petruff Vice President of Enterprise Services

Find out why some of the world’s largest , most complex organizations choose XM Cyber to help eradicate risk.

Because it offers continuous, automated protection, security issues that would normally take dozens of manual steps to discover are surfaced almost instantaneously.
We have historically been compelled to focus pen tests on non-critical areas of infrastructure, as the risk of collateral damage-related downtime was too great. Thanks to XM Cyber's automated testing, this problem was solved, and protection was extended across the entire infrastructure.

Jens Meier CEO, Hamburg Port Authority

Key features to see all ways - always

Break down security silos thanks to a SaaS-based platform that brings full visibility of risk across your complex environment to reduce exposure – whether it’s on-prem, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid.

Hybrid attack paths

Visual mapping of all attack paths across on-prem and cloud networks chaining together vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, user privileges, and user actions just like an attacker would to reach your critical assets.

Alerts & reports
Risk reporting

Give every cyber team an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for understanding, discovering, prioritizing, and eliminating risk with reports and risk metrics that can be quantified and presented easily to the board.

Attack scenarios

Model attack scenarios to align with business goals and leverage the widest coverage of attack techniques to proactively secure databases, EC2 instances, Virtual Machines and more.

Vulnerability prioritization

Fix high impact risks first with full visibility into all vulnerabilities, affected devices, and patches with prioritization of critical assets at risk.

Security posture overview

Get an accurate, real-time, overall security score that’s easily understood and can help drive business decisions. As you remediate vulnerabilities, the security score improves, indicating better IT hygiene.

Guided remediation

Continuously calculate every potential attack path helping you prioritize and understand what changes are needed to quickly eliminate the risk, reduce the attack surface and prevent lateral movement to other critical assets.

Seamless integration into your ecosystem

No matter how you run your organization you can leverage attack path intelligence to get a clear view into your hybrid cloud security posture and continuously reduce exposures. By combining how attackers can exploit security gaps like misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in relation to your critical assets you can pinpoint the exact changes needed to quickly eliminate the risk of compromise and lateral movement across the network. Get attack path insights and prioritized remediation from your existing security investments:



Orchestrate remediation processes based on real-time attack path modeling

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Reduce risk with continuous assessment, strengthen posture, harden security

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Accurately prioritize incidents based on real-time attack paths



Automatically create tickets for prioritized security issues

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management

Know which vulnerabilities put your critical assets at risk

See all ways you can secure the future

If your organization is like most, you’re drowning in siloed data which lacks context of the risk to your critical assets, but you can’t see what impacts your risk the most or how they come together to be exploited by an attacker – much less how to efficiently eliminate them. And that’s a big disconnect. You can see that you’ve invested in all the best tools, but you still can’t see if your network is secure or not. XM Cyber lets you see all ways.

Cost effective remediation
Accurate risk prioritization
Continuous and safe risk visibility
Hybrid-cloud attack surface reduction
Security posture score and trends
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