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Part 2: Reaching for the Cloud: Inside the Mind of an Attacker

With 90% of enterprises leveraging multi-clouds by 2022, it is an absolute field day for hackers around the world. The inherent security gaps created as we move our precious workloads and apps between on-premise to hybrid and multi-cloud networks contribute to more vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across our environments.

Join us in our second Cloud Security Masterclass to discover:

  • Unique attack techniques used in Azure and AWS
  • How attackers pivot from on-premises to the cloud and back again to breach your critical assets
  • How to get ahead of the attacker and close the gaps in the most cost-effective way


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Part 1: Lifting the Fog: Understanding how to Secure the Hybrid Cloud

With heavy pressures to accelerate digital transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, adopting and securing cloud environments is more urgent than ever. A question we must all be asking is: how should our business migrate securely to the cloud while maintaining a solid security posture?

Join us in our first Cloud Security Masterclass where you will learn:

  • What actively needs to be protected in the cloud
  • How to prioritize high impact risks against the most common use cases: ransomware, account takeovers, and credential misuse
  • Why you need to continuously manage your security posture across on-premise and cloud networks with attack path management


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Ransomware from the attacker’s perspective

Ransomware is the number 1 cyber-crime threat today and during this webinar, our guest speakers shared their perspectives and experiences in terms of how we should be thinking about Ransomware including:

  • Understanding that Ransomware is more than just an IT issue and dealing with it requires a multi-pronged approach
  • How to effectively manage board level and key stakeholder communications
  • How to deal with challenges arising from tech debt and a lack of resource
  • How to get visibility across your hybrid attack surface to identify risk to your most critical assets


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Offensive Insight for Cloud Security

by Menachem Shafran, VP Products XM Cyber

Exploration of the recent vulnerabilities, threats and possible exploits in cloud environment and the modern hacker’s perspective. Review the gaps in the traditional security approach and how XM Cyber revolutionises security posture

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

На шаг впереди хакера. Защита информационных активов с помощью XM Cyber

One step ahead of the hacker. Protecting information assets with XM Cyber.

David Petraeus and Tamir Pardo meet at Cybertech Global 2021

XM Cyber’s President & Co-Founder Tamir Pardo met former CIA Director David Petraeus. The topic? The changes and turmoil 2020 brought to the cyber world. Watch now!

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

Webinar 23.02.2021: Sei Dein Eigener Hacker

XM Cyber – Sei Dein Eigener Hacker
Mit XM Cyber gehören kostspielige Penetration Tests von Drittfirmen der Vergangenheit an. Sie sind ab sofort Ihr eigener Hacker und stellen anhand eigener wie auch mit vordefinierten Playbooks Ihre Angriffssimulation zusammen und lassen diese intern durchspielen. Die automatisch generierten Reports informieren Sie im Anschluss über gefunden Schwachstellen und wie diese zu beheben sind. Es können beliebig viele Szenarien 24×7 parallel durchgeführt werden. Wichtig zu wissen ist auch, dass hierbei kein Schadcode verwendet wird und somit das Netzwerk keinen Risiken unterliegt.

Webinaire 23.02.2021: Soyez Votre Propre Hacker

Les tests de pénétration coûteux effectués par des sociétés tierces appartiennent au passé grâce à XM Cyber vous devenez votre propre hacker afin de découvrir quelles sont vos failles de sécurité. XM Cyber vous permet d’utiliser vos propres Playbooks prédéfinis pour former votre simulation d’attaque et l’exécuter en interne. Vous êtes ensuite directement informés de toutes les failles trouvées et de comment les corriger, grâce aux rapports générés automatiquement. Un nombre indéfini de scénarios peut être réalisé en parallèle 24h/24 et 7jours/7. Votre réseau reste parfaitement en sécurité car aucun code malveillant n’est utilisé.

Automated BAS – The Cost and Risk Reduction Revolution Is Here

By Menachem Shafran, VP Product

Equipo Púrpura: El futuro de los incidentes de ciberseguridad; la convergencia de Red y Blue Teams

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

Tech Talk with XM Cyber: Big data, Stream processing & Flink – challenges, issues & lessons learned

Yaron Shani (Senior Cyber Security Researcher) and Sophia Morozov (Software Developer and Researcher) will be your hosts.

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

Tech Talks with XM Cyber – Session 1

XM Cyber’s Backend Talks with Tamar Twena & Alon Belan!

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar


by Gil Hazaz at CyberTech Live 2020

Gil Hazaz presents how XM Cyber helps organizations protect critical infrastructures from cyber threats.

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

Securing SSH Access with Certificates

by Michael Maxey, VP of Product, Smallstep

Based on a popular blog post, this talk challenges the listener to reconsider using keys for SSH access and instead use SSH Certificates. We will discuss the pros and cons of SSH certificates. We will also guide you on setting up your own open-source SSH certificate authority that you can link to your existing identity provider to deliver single sign-on SSH access to all your servers.

Securing SSH Access with Certificates

Menachem Shafran, VP of Product talks to Tag Cyber

Full interview with Tag Cyber, discussing the company, its product and the benefits of automated breach and attack simulation.

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

BrightTALK @ Infosec 360 Menachem Shafran, XM Cyber

Menachem Shafran, VP of Product, explains the importance and advantages of purple team for cyber security, in a BrightTALK interview at Infosec 360.

XMCyber's Offensive Insight for Cloud Security webinar

See XM Cyber’s award winning Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization Platform in just three minutes.

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CS Digital LIVE – XM CYBER: Knowing Your Enemy: Attack Simulation In 2020

BY Konstantinos Evangelakos

Learn how companies use the latest automated attack simulation tools to know in advance what happens if they are breached.

How XM Cyber Exposes Attacks

Quick overview of how XM Cyber continuously exposes attack vectors threatening your critical assets and provides you with prioritized, actionable remediation.


XM Cyber’s 10-Minute Webinar On Breach And Attack Simulation

Watch this 10-minute webinar on how breach and attack simulation (BAS) can improve your security strategy.


5-Minute XM Cyber Demo

Check out how XM Cyber helps you protect your most critical assets in this 5-minute step-by-step product demonstration.


How IoT expands hackers attack surface

by Amit Waisel

Red vs. Blue Webinar

In this webinar you’ll discover the growing need for cyber automation, the evolution of defensive (blue) offensive (red) cybersecurity as well as insights on key cyberattacks.

Rethinking Persistency

By Adi Ashkenazy

In this webinar , discover select ways that hackers counter the methods of defenders that try to remove them from target networks.

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