Attack-Based Vulnerability Management

Prioritize vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk

Using attack simulation in conjunction with vulnerability scanning, XM Cyber delivers the next generation in vulnerability management.

Complex, constantly changing digital networks represent an ongoing risk to most organizations. Information technology and cyber security teams are overwhelmed with alerts, software updates and new vulnerabilities. The only solution is to automate and integrate the right information at the right time to give clear direction across management, security and operations on where to focus. The end goal is to reduce risk associated with the most critical assets and optimize investments in capital and operating expense.

Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. XM Cyber combines advanced vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities with its patented attack simulation engine to expose and remediate the greatest risks to your digital world. By adding additional context of how a particular vulnerability can be leveraged to compromise your critical assets, XM Cyber maximizes the effectiveness of your team’s ability to proactively secure what matters most.

The Difference Between Risk On and Risk To Your Critical Assets

Your vulnerabilities represent risks associated with a particular asset. What’s more important however, is identifying vulnerabilities that allow attack paths that lead to your critical assets. By prioritizing based on risks to versus risks on, you and your teams can pinpoint exactly the remedial activities required to close the complete attack chain related to your most critical assets. Ultimately, you lower or even eliminate risk while optimizing your team’s time and effort.

Product Features

Optimizes Risk Reduction

A continuous approach to vulnerability management reduces risk while also reducing man hours and improving processes between security and operations.

Vulnerability Prioritization

Detect and remediate operating system and third-party application vulnerabilities before hackers can take advantage.  XM Cyber helps you identify and inventory all IP-enabled devices in real time—even so-called “rogue” systems and those behind firewalls.

Justify Remediation

XM Cyber provides concrete evidence to the security and IT teams to justify the request for updating or patching systems and applications where business owners or others with authority and responsibility might resist due to unknown consequences or downtime required to accomplish the task.

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