Security Posture Visibility

Measure, prioritize and improve your overall cyber security posture

Take the next step in your overall cyber security maturity through a continuous process of proactively identifying and remediating risks based on the criticality of each digital asset.

It’s time to go beyond typical detect and respond strategies. If you fail at any point in the process, the damage could be devastating. Instead, plan ahead. Think like a hacker. Identify your most critical digital assets and determine the likelihood that those can be reached if your perimeter is breached.  The goal is to prioritize your security resources to block the most likely attack vectors that lead to what’s most important.  By continuously watching your environment for areas to improve, you lower your overall cyber security risk and optimize your investments. 

Large enterprises work every day to secure their digital network. While the network itself changes constantly to meet new business requirements, the IT and security teams must adapt security controls and methods to safeguard users, devices, connections and data. The best practice is to implement a process of continuous assessment and remediation.

XM Cyber moves your security strategy ahead of the attack.  This starts with three key questions:

  1. Are my critical assets secure?
  2. Where should I put my resources to reduce risk?
  3. How can I validate that my security is working?

Security Posture Visibility

RISK ASSESSMENT.  Risk must be evaluated based on several key factors.  The first step is to identify the most critical assets and determine if it’s possible to reach those via an attack path, and how difficult is it to accomplish that attack. The more steps and techniques it takes to get to the asset, the lower the liklihood of a successful breach.  XM Cyber gives your team detailed information regarding each attack technique required to move laterally across your network, as well as an associated risk score.  Over time, the goal is to reduce the risk score in relation to your most critical asset.

PRIORITIZED REMEDIATION. Security and IT teams have an endless set of tasks to constantly upgrade, patch, and manage the enterprise infrastructure. XM Cyber prioritizes these activities based on the risk level for each critical asset. The system provides actionable advice to remediate each attack path, including links to supporting materials such as MITRE ATT&CK references.

VALIDATION. The last step is validation. By continuously executing the XM Cyber platform, the security and IT teams can see immediate results as more and more attack paths are eliminated. This ongoing cycle of risk evaluation, remediation and validation can be shared with management to validate security investments.

Product Benefits

Risk Management

CISOs and risk managers know that to effectively control risk three factors come to play – identification, evaluation, and prioritization.  Once your critical assets are defined, then risk is reduced through minimizing, monitoring, and controlling the probability or impact of a breach.

Many security products focus on one component of this process, and some ignore risk completely and only try to respond once a breach happens. XM Cyber gives your entire organization a means to manage risk through the simulation of real-life attack scenarios, applied in your production environment and executed continuously for maximum visibility.

Business processes are the lifeline of a company. Risk managers identify these processes and recognize the value and impact a failure might have on the entire organization.

Compliance Support

Information security teams are challenged by constantly changing security rules and regulations. New breaches bring additional scrutiny with every headline.  XM Cyber brings a new level of visibility into risk through actionable data and remediation advice.

By continuously mapping your unique digital assets and visually identifying attack paths, you can demonstrate compliance with requirements across many regulatory mandates. XM Cyber also gives you an automated means to reduce manual efforts and data collection, quickly proving effectiveness of existing security controls.

Resource Management

Analyzing, planning and budgeting for security projects is challenging – everyone has an opinion and often the goals of each department differ. Using XM Cyber to identify available attack paths and the potential impact to the business based on the criticality of assets gives you clear direction that everyone can get behind.

IT and security teams are overwhelmed with vulnerability and patch information. In many cases, there is no additional information to guide decision making.

XM Cyber identifies the most important attack paths to address and provides remedial recommendations for your teams.  By focusing on the most critical assets, you optimize your scarce security personnel and justify spending on security investments. Plus, now you have detailed information to share across all stakeholders in the process – network administrators, endpoint managers, SOC teams, etc. This improved level of communications drives prioritization across the entire security, network, data center and support teams.

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