XM Cyber for Red Teams

Expand and automate red and blue team exercises.

Expand or build your red and blue teams to maximize your cyber defenses. XM Cyber automatically runs attack scenarios and gives you prioritized steps to repair security gaps from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and human error.

XM Cyber empowers red teams, running various campaigns, to transition to advanced red teaming powered by automation and real time processes.

XM Cyber augments red teams, enabling them to run multiple attacks continuously, automatically, and simultaneously. Each attack scenario benefits from a visual mapping tool highlighting all the attack paths to organizational target assets. The Red Team can then provide data-driven insights and enhance decision making.

Plus, existing red teams can expand their capabilities and be effective all year long.


  • Run attack scenarios at a given point in time, rather than continuously
  • The ability to run multiple and simultaneous attack scenarios
  • Limited resources – people and tools
  • Enhance decision making

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Product Benefits

Expand Red Team Effectiveness

Now you can run your teams beyond manual execution strategies. XM Cyber gives your teams the tools to continuously and safely deploy APT attack scenarios customized to each network using real user behavior and exploits.

Up-to-Date Attack Methods

We’re constantly updated our attack methods based on research from XM Cyber Labs, the Mitre ATT&CK Framework and industry data.

Prioritized Remediation Plans

Blue teams benefit from automated, actionable remediation reporting that prioritizes next steps based on the critical nature of the assets compromised.

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