XM Cyber for Penetration Testing

Build and expand your red and blue team strategy.


Penetration tests offer a snapshot of an organization’s defenses at a specific point in time. XM Cyber tests continuously to keep you up to date as problems arise.

Cybersecurity experts know the value of penetration testing and many compliance rules require these tests on a regular basis.

The goal is to act like a hacker and run simulated cyberattacks to find weaknesses in current IT systems and network security. XM Cyber improves upon existing pen test techniques by automating the process, continually and safely simulating a realistic, full attack cycle against an entire enterprise network infrastructure.

While typical pen test activities identify if an attacker can get into a network, XM Cyber expands upon this concept to answer the question – Does my security work?

The benefits of automated attack simulation versus typical manual pen testing are easily identified – manual efforts are decreased, the process can run continuously instead of once or twice a year, and the tools used are updated constantly.  If the security posture of an organization changes, XM Cyber will identify the new gaps and report.

In addition, XM Cyber provides a prioritized response plan that focuses scarce security and IT resources on solving issues related to the most critical issues.

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Product Benefits


Automate tedious, manual pen tests to maximize your scarce IT security resources.

Latest Techniques

Rely on XM Cyber Labs and the Mitre ATT&CK framework to update attack scenarios regularly.

Prioritized Remediation

The goal is to prevent future attacks, not just identify problems.  Use our actionable remediation reports to prioritize security and IT projects to protect what’s most important..

Battleground Visibility

See every step with a detailed, visual map of your entire network. Drill down to devices and successful hacker steps that might reach your critical assets.

Safe in Production

XM Cyber uses patented simulation techniques that do not require real exploits to be unleashed on your network.

Run 24/7

Run continuously to identify every attack vector available to an attacker to compromise your most critical assets.

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