XM Cyber for Merger & Acquisitions

Identify Security Concerns in Potential Acquisition Targets


XM Cyber helps answer these questions for teams working through mergers and acquisitions —  How secure is the target’s network? What projects are required? Can I monitor the security posture throughout the acquisition process?

Examining the cyber security posture and associated risk of a merger, acquisition or investment target is a critical component of any due diligence process.  XM Cyber can quickly provide network-wide reconnaissance and attack path verification to establish overall risk and remediation requirements prior, during or after a contractual relationship.


  • Explore and map all assets and connections within the target company network
  • Establish critical assets requiring the highest level of security
  • Discover all attack paths associated with critical assets
  • Develop priority remediation plans to secure critical assets
  • Continuously test for potential attack scenarios throughout and after the acquisition process
  • Visually see attack paths and an overall security posture score that can be shared with management daily

Challenges Solved for Mergers & Acquisitions

Understand Risks to Critical Assets

Assess and understand risks before acquiring liabilities of the target company

More than Compliance

Go beyond compliance to evaluate the overall security posture and risk associated with security investments in place

Continuous Assessments of Risk

Maintain due diligence throughout the acquisition process with continuous testing and monitoring of the live, production environment

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