XM Cyber for Crowdstrike

Optimize your Crowdstrike Falcon Strategy with Attack Simulation


See the potential impact of every Crowdstrike Falcon incident and how to fix it

Enhance your Crowdstrike Falcon strategy by adding the additional information your team needs to truly understand the risk of every incident. The XM Cyber Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization (ACEP) platform works together with Crowdstrike Falcon to add context. It shows you detailed information on how an incident might lead to a breach of your critical assets and how to remediate. Working together, the two systems complete your incident response strategy.

XM Cyber expedites the entire exposure, assessment and remediation cycle and improves your security posture. This empowers the security team to focus on the most important issues that represent the greatest threat.

Once an incident is identified in Falcon, the XM Cyber Platform can simulate an attack across all digital connections. Choke points, risk to critical assets and remediation steps are quickly presented to your team for quick action. You gain contextualized remediation effectiveness by applying the least effort to remove the highest risk from business-critical assets. You can also improve your security policies automatically by adding choke points and critical assets to groups with stricter requirements.

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XM Cyber and Crowdstrike Falcon

Optimize your Crowdstrike with Attack Simulation

By adding context regarding potential impact, criticality of each asset, related connections and choke points, your team can prioritize their actions.

Drill down and Make Decisions Quickly

Imagine how important information such as the type of asset, potential lateral links, and steps to remediate can help your security and network teams.

See Each Incident in Your Own Battleground

To help visualize the true impact of an incident, the XM Cyber Platform presents a graphic battleground representing your network.

Find Additional Exposures at the Same Time

In addition to incident reports from Crowdstrike Falcon, the XM Cyber Platform identifies other potential exposures that might exist but be unnoticed.

Identify and Resolve Choke Points

By eliminating or fixing issues with an individual choke point, you can quickly reduce overall risk and the number of potential attack paths.

Create Simulations Automatically from Incidents

Your analysts can automatically see how an attacker could pivot towards critical assets from any incident notification.

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See the potential impact of every Crowdstrike Falcon incident and how to fix it. Lower your risk!

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