XM Cyber for Cortex XSOAR

Enhance your security orchestration with the power of attack simulation


Enrich your analysis with contextual information from XM Cyber

You’ve already made the smart decision to add orchestration to your security strategy. Now extend those capabilities with risk-free attack simulation and truly see every attack path available in your network.

Combining the power of XM Cyber with Cortex XSOAR gives you the extra context your teams require to make the best decisions concerning protecting your critical assets. Give them the tools they need to ask the important “what if” questions.  XM Cyber shows exactly the attack paths leading to your most important data so you can stop attacks before they happen.

Security and network teams are constantly asking themselves whether a particular notice is high risk, low risk, affects mission critical assets, or something they can put off until the next patch comes out. By combining XM Cyber with the power of Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR™, your teams can immediately understand the criticality of the assets involved and all attack paths associated with any incident.

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Better Together — XM Cyber & Cortex XSOAR

Enrich Your Data

XM Cyber enriches every incident important risk-related data, such as whether the asset is noted as business-critical, is it a choke point in your network, and what other assets might also be at risk from lateral movement.

Link to Visual Attack Paths

Add a hyperlink that connects the incident to XM Cyber’s platform, providing remediation details, and the visual attack simulation battleground showing all available attack paths.

Find Undiscovered Attack Paths

User mistakes, poor IT hygiene, misconfigurations, and misplaced credentials can be combined with other vulnerabilities to build an attack path that can go unnoticed by standard tools.

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Enhance your security orchestration with the power of attack-centric exposure prioritization.

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