XM Cyber for C-Level Executives

Reduce risk and optimize IT security resources

XM Cyber answers three key questions for the CISO — Are my assets safe?  What should I prioritize?  Can we validate that security measures work?

XM Cyber empowers the CISO with ongoing insights into where and how cyber-attackers can infiltrate their network and compromise the critical assets. The exposure of attack paths is followed immediately with actionable and prioritized remediation in a 24×7 loop. This ongoing process works in real time to ensure that an organization will continuously improve its cybersecurity posture, reduce IT hygiene risk,  optimize cyber resources and secure meaningful metrics for board reviews.


  • Ever-changing infrastructure, network and threats landscape
  • Establish cost-efficient cybersecurity programs aligned with business needs
  • IT-skills shortage
  • Information overload
  • The ability to deliver meaningful metrics to the Board

Challenges Solved for the CISO

Investment Justification

Demonstrate the effectiveness of your security investments and identify where changes need to be made.

Board Level Reporting

Rely on detailed reporting and an executive dashboard to check your security posture every day.

Prioritized Resources

XM Cyber creates a prioritized remediation plan to help you quickly eliminate steps hackers would take inside your environment.

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