XM Cyber for AWS

Continuously gain visibility into potential attacks


Organizations relying on the cloud must now understand how their new hybrid environment can be attacked from on premise devices that link to cloud data.

If you are doing any work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you need to secure it.

Consider all the components required to build a successful AWS infrastructure: virtual machines, databases, connections to multiple services, as well as security roles and policies. There are many opportunities to make mistakes or misconfigure accounts and permissions. The result might expose your critical data to a wide audience outside your network. XM Cyber helps you understand your use of AWS from attacker’s perspective.

XM Cyber is a leader in this new category and is the only attack simulation solution that can work with AWS.

With XM Cyber, you can run attack simulations constantly within your production environment and see immediately when attack paths open across your on premise and AWS instance.

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Product Benefits

Audit AWS Configuration

Audit AWS configurations via an AWS API and calculate different attack vectors to find misconfigurations leading to risks such as IAM privileges escalations or access token theft

Find On-Prem to AWS Attack Paths

Find attack paths from on premise network devices that reach AWS assets.


Secure Migrations

Quickly identify security issues during migrations when changes are happening rapidly

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