XM Cyber for APT Simulation

Use the most advanced persistent threats (APT) in your simulation

Now you can stop Advanced Persistent Threats in advance through sophisticated simulations that identify all attack paths.

Advanced Persistent Threats jeopardize enterprises by combining the best in stealth hacking techniques with patience and time. Waiting for the right next step, these techniques move laterally within an organization hunting for the most valuable data to steal. To defend against an APT, you need countermeasures that are themselves advanced and persistent.  APT simulation identifies and exposes attack paths that were previously unknown or considered impossible.

XM Cyber Platform

Key Attributes of a Successful APT Simulation

  • APT simulations must rely and be updated by the most advanced techniques available.
  • These simulations must also be persistent, waiting for changes in the network that can be exploited.
  • APT simulations take a holistic view of the enterprise, combining opportunities like cached credentials and misconfigurations into new attack paths.
  • A successful ATP simulation will constantly search for blind spots and holes in your network and infrastructure security posture, running 24/7

XM Cyber for APT Simulation

Continuous Attack Simulation

Performs continuously and safely in your production environment with the full range of virtual hacker capabilities.

True Hacker Techniques

Uses previously collected information and its current network posture to simulate an extremely realistic adversary.

Addresses IT Hygiene

Alerts you to new risks by identifying misconfigurations, credential issues, patching problems and human error as they arise

MITRE ATT&CK Application

Relies on the most advanced techniques available, including the MITRE ATT&CK knowledge base.

Visual Attack Path Analytics

Identifies all attack vectors specifically targeting your most critical assets

Prioritized Remediation

Quickly prioritize remediation to eliminate risk from outside networks

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Advanced persistent threats (APTs) continue to move laterally through networks with relative ease. Get ahead of the game.

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Actors behind APTs create a growing and changing risk to organizations‚Äô Ô¨Ānancial assets, intellectual property, and reputation.

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