Webinars: XM Cyber Lectures on Remote Work in Europe and Asia

Despite the benefits of remote work, a pressing concern remains: How do we protect our organizations’ critical assets and our teams from savvy cybercriminals, many of whom view workers operating outside the boundaries of on-site IT security as “easy pickings”?

Some 300 participants from Poland and East Asia attended two webinars held by XM Cyber on April 19, titled Security challenges in a Working-From-Home Environment – Exploring New Attack Surfaces from the Hacker’s Point of View.

Itay Savion, Head of Sales Europe, addressed the following topics:

  • What do the most sophisticated attacks and attackers look like and how are they relevant to our business?
  • What are the ways that you can protect your remote access to your Critical Assets?
  • How to define your risk and how to define your potential breaching points?

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