Vulnerability Prioritization

Fix high impact vulnerabilities first​

With dynamic networks and a security infrastructure that constantly adapts to the ever-evolving threat landscape, IT and security teams are overwhelmed with alerts, software updates and new vulnerabilities that are at best registered.

Threat actors work hard to find these vulnerabilities that have been overlooked in order to laterally move within the network, without being discovered.

Reduce risk of vulnerabilities with visibility of attack paths and risk-based prioritization

Proactively find what puts you at risk

Identify in real-time misconfigurations, shared credentials, poor user activities and vulnerabilities and automatically prioritize them based on risk to critical assets, probability of exploitation, impact on business and more.

Prioritize in context, continuously

Verify the priorities of your security gaps in real-time, with continuous attack modeling, to ensure your resources are focused on fixing what matters the most first.

Use real-time attack modeling to ensure data-driven, risk-based vulnerability management
Immediately impact the risk level in your network at all times

Optimize resources and remediation processes

Follow the automated remediation plan that is designed to reduce the risk to your critical assets, enhance security resilience and optimize your existing security infrastructure and investments

The XM Cyber Attack Path Management Platform proactively reveals the risky spots attackers use to move laterally within your network and get closer to your critical assets

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Eliminate the risks that matter most.