Ransomware Readiness​

Disrupt ransomware attacks in the making

To increase their chances of getting a higher ransom payout, ransomware groups aim to reach your critical assets and employ the double extortion technique, where before encrypting your data, they exfiltrate it and then threaten to leak it online.

Searching for routes to your critical assets, they propagate the network as a result of misconfigurations, unpatched vulnerabilities and mismanaged credentials.

Visualize in real-time, all possible attack paths from breach point to your critical assets and data.

Illuminate ransomware attack paths, in the cloud or on premise

Run continuous and safe ransomware attack modeling to see your environment through the eyes of the attacker and reveal full attack paths with all their cyber exposures.

Know what to fix first in real-time to disrupt attacks

Identify and prioritize the choke points used in multiple attack paths to expedite the route to your critical assets and data, and act to fix them first to disrupt attacks and reduce the attack surface.

Discover the high risk entities that many attack paths pass through, to know what to fix first.
Implement the step-by-step plan for fast and cost-effective remediation

Ensure safe, fast and cost-effective remediation

Get an automated step-by-step remediation plan, and follow the prioritized required actions for cost-effective, safe and speedy remediation

The XM Cyber Attack Path Management Platform proactively reveals the risky spots attackers use to move laterally within your network and get closer to your critical assets

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