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XM Cyber for Security Posture Visibility

Prevent cybercrime through continuous security posture improvement


XM Cyber Platform

XM Cyber Helps You Prevent Cybercrime Through Continuous Security Posture Improvement

Today’s complex environments demand a new solution that continuously watches for new attack paths that can be exploited by criminals. XM Cyber brings the next generation of security assessment, testing and validation tools to a new platform – one that empowers you with capabilities for breach and attack simulation, automated penetration testing, vulnerability management, cloud security and overall cyber security posture management.

Security Posture Visibility

Change the way you view and manage your cyber security through a continuous cycle of measuring, prioritizing and improving your security posture.

Your network is complex. It’s everywhere. Just in the past 10 years you’ve been challenged with new bring-your-own-device policies, supply chain and channel partner access, and migrating to the cloud.

Computer hardware, software and networks are not perfect. They have vulnerabilities that are patched by the manufacturers on a regular basis. And implementing them can be challenging. Mistakes are common.

XM Cyber helps you gain control of your overall cyber security posture. With the XM Cyber Platform, you will be able to continuously identify available attack paths that lead to your most critical assets. Running safely across your live environment, you’ll see your network the way a hacker views it. And you’ll receive actionable, prioritized remediation plans to optimize security and network teams.