Why You Need a Cyber Attack Simulation Tool

Why You Need a Cyber Attack Simulation Tool — and What to Look For

It's hardly news to point out that maintaining a strong security posture has never been tougher. Yet how high, truly, are the stakes? Consider this: The average data breach costs organizations roughly $4 million, according to the Ponemon Institute -- and could theoretically cost much more Nearly 400,000 new bits of malware are identified daily.… Read More »

Coronavirus and Cyber Attacks Share a Common Weakness: Good Hygiene

The coronavirus – also known as COVID-19 – has been inescapable lately. What you may not know, however, is that global human health pandemics can also infect the cybersecurity world. For instance, coronavirus-related phishing attempts are on the rise, as hackers seek to exploit the ambient anxiety circulating through society for their own nefarious ends.… Read More »