Webinaire: Et vous? Comment évaluez-vous la réalité de vos risques Cyber?

À PROPOS DE CET ÉVÉNEMENT Jeudi 24 juin 2021 - 11h30 (IDT) Intervenants : Karl Buffin, VP of Sales, SEUR, CEUR and Africa, XM Cyber Cyrille Marotte, Technical sponsor Aderyzom Au-delà des termes usuels de ransomware, escalade de privilège, vol de données sensibles …. Chaque jour apporte son lot d’attaques envers tous types d’entreprises. Nous… Read More »

XM Cyber for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint — Add Context to Reduce Investigation Time, Protect Critical Assets and Lower Cyber Risk

Integrating XM Cyber with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) gives customers detailed information on potential attack paths that might result from a compromised system. By clearly identifying critical assets, the platform assists customers in fully understanding the potential impact of a breach and exactly what steps are required for remediation. The combined capability improves visibility… Read More »