Infosecurity Europe 2019: XM Cyber to Debut at Europe’s Leading Cybersecurity Event

With over 15,000 attendees anticipated to come this year, Infosecurity Europe promises to be sourcing and knowledge hub for Europe’s information and cybersecurity community. XM Cyber is very excited to make its debut at Infosecurity Europe, where our global team of experts – including our new UK-based staff – will showcase XM Cyber’s newly enhanced platform to… Read More »

How Breach and Attack Simulation Helps Enterprises

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) put intolerable pressure on enterprise cybersecurity countermeasures. Generally reactive in nature, today’s standard cybersecurity controls are overly reliant on detecting and responding to immediate incidents. This approach may be suitable for some attacks, but it does not work well with slow-moving, stealthy APTs. For better defense, enterprises are starting to turn… Read More »

What is proactive cyber defense?

Cybercrime is obstructing business and governments worldwide. No longer just an IT problem, it is the biggest threat to organizations’ reputation and business continuity. Research shows 54% of organizations experienced one or more attacks that compromised data or their infrastructure, and only a third of organizations believe they have adequate resources to manage security effectively.… Read More »