XM Cyber for Security Posture Visibility

Prevent cybercrime through continuous security posture improvement


Take the next step in your overall cyber security maturity through a continuous process of proactively identifying and remediating risks based on the criticality of each digital asset.

It’s time to go beyond typical detect and respond strategies. If you fail at any point in the process, the damage could be devasting. Instead, plan ahead. Think like a hacker. Identify your most critical digital assets and determine the likelihood that those can be reached if your perimeter is breached.  The goal is to prioritize your security resources to block the most likely attack vectors that lead to what’s most important.  By continuously watching your environment for areas to improve, you lower your overall cyber security risk and optimize your investments. 

Managing Risk Via Scenario Simulation

CISOs and risk managers know that to effectively control risk three factors come to play – identification, evaluation, and prioritization.  Once your critical assets are defined, then risk is reduced through minimizing, monitoring, and controlling the probability or impact of a breach. 

Many security products focus on one component of this process, and some ignore risk completely and only try to respond once a breach happens. XM Cyber gives your entire organization a means to manage risk through the simulation of real-life attack scenarios, applied in your production environment and executed continuously for maximum visibility. 

Business processes are the lifeline of a company. Risk managers identify these processes and recognize the value and impact a failure might have on the entire organization. 

XM Cyber identifies the critical network components required for the success of your business processes, then shows you if a breach in your network can impact them. Successful attack vectors are visually displayed for your team, including each attack technique and compromised device along the way. 

Attackers are lazy and will often give up after a few attempts. XM Cyber helps you calculate the likelihood an attacker might reach your critical assets based on the difficulty of the tasks involved. By focusing your remediation efforts on the highest risk paths and associated critical assets, you lower your overall cyber security risk.  Plus, you can demonstrate to your risk officers, executive management, and board how you’ve continued to lower your risk over time and justify security investments. 

XM Cyber Platform

XM Cyber Helps You Prevent Cybercrime Through Continuous Security Posture Improvement

Today’s complex environments demand a new solution that continuously watches for new attack paths that can be exploited by criminals. XM Cyber brings the next generation of security assessment, testing and validation tools to a new platform – one that empowers you with capabilities for breach and attack simulation, automated penetration testing, vulnerability management, cloud security and overall cyber security posture management.

Security Posture Visibility

Change the way you view and manage your cyber security through a continuous cycle of measuring, prioritizing and improving your security posture.

Your network is complex. It’s everywhere. Just in the past 10 years you’ve been challenged with new bring-your-own-device policies, supply chain and channel partner access, and migrating to the cloud.

Computer hardware, software and networks are not perfect. They have vulnerabilities that are patched by the manufacturers on a regular basis. And implementing them can be challenging. Mistakes are common.

XM Cyber helps you gain control of your overall cyber security posture. With the XM Cyber Platform, you will be able to continuously identify available attack paths that lead to your most critical assets. Running safely across your live environment, you’ll see your network the way a hacker views it. And you’ll receive actionable, prioritized remediation plans to optimize security and network teams.

Core Platform Features

Continuous Attack Simulation

Changes happen constantly.  Don’t wait for a scheduled scan. XM Cyber gives you a continuous view that exposes attack vectors, from breach point to any organizational critical asset.

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Visual Attack Path Analytics

See an automatically generated network map that shows you each attack path, assets compromized, and the ability to drill down to see each step an attacker could use.

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Prioritized Remediation

XM Cyber creates a prioritized remediation plan to help you quickly eliminate steps hackers would take inside your environment.

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