Ransomware from the attacker’s perspective

Ransomware is the number 1 cyber-crime threat today and during this webinar, our guest speakers shared their perspectives and experiences in terms of how…

Offensive Insight for Cloud Security
Menachem Shafran | Webinars

Exploration of the recent vulnerabilities, threats and possible exploits in cloud environment and the modern hacker’s perspective. Review the gaps in the traditional security…

David Petraeus and Tamir Pardo meet at Cybertech Global 2021

XM Cyber’s President & Co-Founder Tamir Pardo met former CIA Director David Petraeus. The topic? The changes and turmoil 2020 brought to the cyber…

Automated BAS – The Cost and Risk Reduction Revolution Is Here
Menachem Shafran | Webinars

Hear from Jarad Carleton, Global Program Leader of Cybersecurity at Frost & Sullivan as he does a 25 minute deep dive into BAS.

Case Study: Plymouth Rock
Case Studies

When a leading US insurance firm needed help managing cybersecurity risk, XM Cyber had them covered “Understanding different attack types and how they move…

What is an Attack Surface?

An attack surface can be defined as anywhere and everywhere an organization is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This includes all possible attack vectors where an…

What is Risk-Based Vulnerability Management?

Risk-based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) is a cybersecurity strategy designed to help organizations limit risk through the strategic prioritization of vulnerability remediation. To accomplish this,…

What is Common Vulnerability Scoring System?

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is an open framework used by organizations across the world to determine the severity of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. These…

What is Cybersecurity Posture?

Cybersecurity threats and organizational challenges related to information security are becoming more complex by the minute. To understand these elements at a high level…

What is Cyber Risk Score?

Having a strong security posture is a core objective for modern organizations. Yet measuring the strength of these postures is often challenging, given their…

What is Hybrid Cloud Security?

Hybrid cloud security aims to protect applications, data, infrastructure and other elements across an IT infrastructure that includes multiple environments, including at least one…

What is Cloud Security Posture Management?

Cloud Security Posture Management is defined by Gartner as “a continuous process of cloud security improvement and adaptation to reduce the likelihood of a…

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