Research Report: 2023 State of Exposure Management
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Don’t miss out on exclusive research that explores the challenges organizations face in managing security exposures and provides insights on how to overcome them….

Gartner® Report – Top Trends in Cybersecurity 2023
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Gartner just released their report with a pick of trends most likely to have the greatest impact on 2023’s cybersecurity landscape.

Establishing a Modern Exposure Management Program

This session provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of vulnerability management and explains why critical vulnerabilities do not necessarily equal risk. By watching…

IT and Security – A Love Story
Batya Steinherz | Blog

The Montagues and the Capulets. The Sharks and the Jets. Security and IT. Some rivalries are well-known to be irreconcilable. But the thing is,…

Want to build a modern exposure management program?
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Everybody knows about the challenges with trying to manage a never ending tide of vulnerabilities; a constantly growing list makes it difficult to prioritize…

CVE-2023-23397 – Outlook vulnerability
Zur Ulianitzky & David Azria & Bill Ben Haim | Blog

On March 14, Microsoft released the regular Patch tuesday. During this patch Tuesday, Microsoft released 74 new patches addressing CVEs within Microsoft products. Exploiting…

CVE 2023-21716- Microsoft Word RCE
Zur Ulianitzky & David Azria & Bill Ben Haim | Blog

Overview On March 5, a security researcher named Joshua J.Drake shared details about CVE-2023-21716, a Microsoft Word vulnerability that was patched during February 2023…

Identity-based Exposures – 4 Ways to Prevent Them
Karin Feldman | Blog

Weak credentials and overly permissive privileges get leveraged in attacks all the time. Here’s what to do about it. Today, one of the most…

Want to save >$14M over 3 years?

Nearly every enterprise on the planet has tools to address vulnerabilities. But how can you understand the ROI of your efforts? We commissioned Forrester…

Continuous Compliance:

Where Security’s Rubber Meets Compliance’s Road

Shimon Becker | Blog

How compliance can strengthen security and security can strengthen compliance Compliance and security, though not at all the same, are actually two sides of…

2022’s Most Potent Attack Paths
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Attackers don’t think like you do. They’re looking for ways to bypass your security controls and take advantage of various exposures that exist in…

How Financial Services Institutions Are Tackling Continuous Exposure Management
Ian Gallagher | Blog

Leading Financial Services institutions are proactively identifying their most high-risk exposures with an Exposure Management platform. This post recounts 4 times they uncovered attack…

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