What Are the Different Types of White Hat Penetration Testing?

  If you want to understand where your defenses are vulnerable, actively testing those defenses under real-world conditions is invaluable. That’s the principle behind…

Penetration Tester vs. Red Team: What’s Right for You?

Penetration tests and red team exercises are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin. Both have similar objectives, and both share some…

Automated Penetration Testing: What Is Automated Security Testing?

If you want to protect a valuable asset against threats, it’s essential to identify where vulnerabilities exist. This is a core concept in cybersecurity and part…

Penetration Testing and Validating Security Controls

Sometimes our security controls can make us feel confident. Yet other times that confidence can prove to be badly misplaced. Consider the case of a…

New Ways to Use XM Cyber for Remote Home Workers, Red Teamers and Pen Testers

One of the best things about releasing a new product into the wild is discovering all the new, creative and unanticipated ways in which…

How to Make Automated Penetration Testing More Reliable

The modern security landscape is fast evolving — and has never been more fraught with challenges. With data breaches growing in size and severity every…

Top Tips for Purple Team Assessment

Until recently, organizations have had limited capabilities for assessing the damage that a cyberattack could do to their critical assets. Despite conducting penetration testing…

Red Team and Penetration Testing for Corporate Security

How easy is it for a malicious actor to get into your network? Penetration testing seeks to answer this question. Commonly referred to as…

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