XMGoat – An Open Source Pentesting Tool for Azure

  Overview We created XMGoat as an open source tool with the purpose of teaching penetration testers, red teamers, security consultants, and cloud experts…

XM Cyber for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint — Add Context to Reduce Investigation Time, Protect Critical Assets and Lower Cyber Risk

Integrating XM Cyber with Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) gives customers detailed information on potential attack paths that might result from a compromised system….

Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement on Azure – Part 2

Overview This is the second part of XM Cyber series about privilege escalation and lateral movement on Microsoft Azure. Some of the attacks that…

Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement on Azure – Part 1

Overview XM Cyber features integrated support for Microsoft Azure. This support addresses attack techniques from on-premises environments to Azure cloud environments and vice versa….

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