How Financial Services Institutions Are Tackling Continuous Exposure Management
Ian Gallagher | Blog

Leading Financial Services institutions are proactively identifying their most high-risk exposures with an Exposure Management platform. This post recounts 4 times they uncovered attack…

How Is Your Enterprise IT Hygiene?
Artiom Levinton | Blog

We’re hearing a lot these days about the need for strong and consistent enterprise IT hygiene in cybersecurity. Good. What is that, anyway? An…

Best Practices for Cloud Security Posture Management

Cloud services are booming and adoption continues unabated. That’s a good thing, given that the efficiencies that are attached to cloud computing can unlock…

A Look Ahead to 2021 With XM Cyber — How To Shield Your Organization’s Security Posture

The “New Year’s blog” is an established — if not exactly cherished — tradition in business communication. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the…

Chile: XM Cyber enseña cómo proteger la ciberseguridad de organizaciones por medio del Equipo Púrpura

Júntese a XM Cyber en nuestra presentación sobre la simulación de brechas y ataques (beach and attack simulation) para el mercado chileno de ciberseguridad,…

Digital Transformation: Enabling Your Defenders to See Like Their Attackers

Digital transformation is a phrase that gets bandied about often enough to almost qualify for the “buzzword” category. Yet scratch below the surface and…

Create a Resilient Security Posture that Takes the Initiative from Cyber Attackers

Cybersecurity professionals have never had it easy — but these days the game is definitely being played on expert mode. Threats aren’t only increasing…

4 Smart Steps for Improving Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity has never been an easy game to play, but the difficulty curve has certainly risen sharply in recent years. Adversaries with limited resources…

Five Best Practices for Proactive Security Posture Management

When it comes to having an effective security posture, it often boils down to three words: Reactive or proactive? Let’s take a closer look…

Don’t Let Hackers Fool Your Organization’s Cybersecurity on April Fool’s Day

Almost all of us have been the victim of a friendly April Fool’s joke. You know the setup: We’re led to believe an outrageous…

Coronavirus and Cyber Attacks Share a Common Weakness: Good Hygiene

The coronavirus – also known as COVID-19 – has been inescapable lately. What you may not know, however, is that global human health pandemics…

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