The XM Cyber 2022 Attack Path Management Impact Report
Michael Greenberg | Blog

The industry’s first annual attack path management research report is here! The XM Cyber research team analyzed nearly 2 million entities to bring insights…

Reinforce AWS Security with Continuous and Automated Mitigation of Hybrid Cyber Risk

It’s No Secret Migrating to and maintaining a hybrid cloud environment continues to be challenging from a cybersecurity point of view. New security gaps…

Follow These AWS Security Best Practices to Secure Your Cloud Environment

Cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) have transformed how we do business. They allow organizations access to highly scalable and flexible computing…

How to Grant Least Privileged Permissions to AWS Principles

Convenience vs security — the eternal dilemma… As a part of SecOps or DevOps team, you probably face this dilemma every day >> How…

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