Continuous visibility of attack paths across your AWS Infrastructure

Safely run attack modeling across your AWS infrastructure to identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and overly permissive identities to quickly pinpoint and remediate high risk exposures.

Agentless AWS Configuration

Connect with AWS API to calculate different attack vectors and uncover exposures that put critical assets at risk such as privilege escalations, access token theft and more

Discover and Remediate
All On-Premises to AWS Attack Paths and Vice-Versa

Gain a comprehensive view of your hybrid cloud security posture and act on a prioritized remediation plan

Secure Migrations to the Cloud

Quickly identify security issues during migrations or rapid changes to business applications

Key Benefits

Amazon Inspector integrates with XM Cyber for Attack Path Insights

“The combination of Amazon Inspector and XM Cyber is a powerful security solution for our customers. Layering on XM Cyber attack path visibility provides actionable detail to help customers prioritize their remediation efforts and quickly respond to protect critical resources“

Michael Fuller
Director, Product Management, AWS Security Services at AWS

Attack Path Insight
Feed Amazon Inspector users with a map outlining all the ways that attackers can compromise critical assets through lateral movement across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networks.
Prioritize the vulnerabilities that have the highest risk impact to your critical assets for cost-effective rapid remediation
Pinpoint High Risk
Identify the specific points within the network that allow for maximum risk reduction with minimum effort and disruption. This data is then funneled to AWS Security Hub which performs security best practice checks, aggregates alerts, and enables automated remediation
Guided Remediation
XM Cyber continuously provides enriched data to AWS Security Hub with guided remediation steps, enabling customers to take immediate action to address the riskiest vulnerabilities first.


Eliminate the risks that matter most.