What is Cyber Attack Modeling?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Cyber attack modeling is an approximation of adversarial threats against a computer system. Cyber attack models are created to identify and simulate attacks against…

What is MITRE ATT&CK Framework?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Created by MITRE Cyber Security in 2013, the MITRE ATT&CK Framework is a detailed knowledge base that documents the tactics and techniques used by…

What is a Penetration Test?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Penetration testing is a technique used to identify security vulnerabilities within a system, network or application that could be exploited by attackers. Penetration testing…

What is a Security Control Validation?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Most of today’s enterprises layer dozens of security tools together to maintain a robust security posture. Yet “more is better” doesn’t always apply in…

What is Vulnerability Management?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Organizations rely on a process called “vulnerability management” to help identify, analyze, treat and report on security vulnerabilities within their systems and applications. This…

What are Breach and Attack Simulations?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Breach and attack simulations are an advanced computer security testing method. These simulations identify vulnerabilities in security environments by mimicking the likely attack paths…

What is a Red Team?
XM Cyber | Glossary

Red teams are “ethical hackers” who help test an organization’s defenses by identifying vulnerabilities and launching attacks in a controlled environment. Red teams are…

What is a Blue Team?
XM Cyber | Glossary

During cyber security testing engagements, blue teams evaluate organizational security environments and defend these environments from red teams. These red teams play the role…

What is a Purple Team?
XM Cyber | Glossary

In the context of cybersecurity testing, red teams play the role of attackers, and blue teams act as defenders. A purple team falls somewhere…

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