Digital Transformation: Enabling Your Defenders to See Like Their Attackers

Digital transformation is a phrase that gets bandied about often enough to almost qualify for the "buzzword" category. Yet scratch below the surface and you'll see a weighty concept that articulates one of the most urgent challenges today's organizations face. Namely, how to keep pace and evolve in a world that is digitalizing at breakneck… Read More »
Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement on Azure

Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement on Azure – Part 1

Overview XM Cyber features integrated support for Microsoft Azure. This support addresses attack techniques from on-premises environments to Azure cloud environments and vice versa. In this blog, we will show some techniques for how a red team can gain a foothold in an Azure environment. In addition, we will explore ways in which attackers escalate… Read More »

Revolutionizing Cyber Attack Defense: How Your Organization Can Be Smarter than Cyber Criminals

The modern cybersecurity battleground is delivering a new level of challenges for commercial enterprises and governmental institutions. Both entities are discovering the process of protecting and securing their most critical assets has become more difficult and complex. This translates to higher financial costs, greater risk from serious national security threats and even the specter of… Read More »

Join XM Cyber and Tamar Twena at the International JavaScript Conference

All Backend developers and other members of the Dev community are invited for the International JavaScript Conference on September 2-4. Due the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s edition will be online. Tamar Twena, XM Cyber’s Backend Team Leader, will be your host at two talks: Implement Event Sourcing in Node.js Friday, September 4 2020 10:00 -… Read More »

Create a Resilient Security Posture that Takes the Initiative from Cyber Attackers

Cybersecurity professionals have never had it easy -- but these days the game is definitely being played on expert mode. Threats aren't only increasing in number, they are becoming more diverse and targeted. Machine learning, deepfake technology and false flag cyber-attacks may still be on the margins now, but all could soon create profound new… Read More »

4 Smart Steps for Improving Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

Cybersecurity has never been an easy game to play, but the difficulty curve has certainly risen sharply in recent years. Adversaries with limited resources and skills can find thousands of attack tools for sale in online markets. Meanwhile, state-sponsored Advanced Persistent Threats are more sophisticated and dangerous than ever, with their ability to penetrate networks,… Read More »