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Ransomware attackers don’t care about your company, your customers, or your intellectual capital. They only want to cripple you so they can extract a ransom. And the number of attacks is growing rapidly (Mandiant ransomware investigations increased 860% from 2017 to 2019). Endpoint defenses are no longer sufficient in stopping these malicious actors from penetrating […]
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We are very glad to meet you at the 2021 in-person Cybertech Global event in Dubai, UAE, to be held on April 5-7. CYBER IN A WORLD OF CHANGE Date: April 5 at 09:00 Plenary discussion: A Special One-on-One Between Giants – Cybersecurity, Leadership and Decision-making in Crisis XM Cyber specialist: Tamir Pardo, Co-founder and […]
The Next Generation of Breach and Attack Simulation
Cybersecurity teams continue to be challenged by too many alerts, incident reports, vulnerability notices, and a growing list of potential attackers. Standard security controls must be put in place and kept up to date. However, gaps still form constantly because of exploitable vulnerabilities and exposures from unmanaged activities like misconfigurations, mismanaged credentials, and risky user […]
Networks change constantly and that creates challenges for IT and security operations. Gaps open exposing pathways that attackers can exploit. While enterprise security prevention and detection controls like firewalls, intrusion prevention, EDR/EPP, vulnerability management, and privileged accounts management tools attempt to secure your network, breaches still happen. The last line of defense must include constant […]
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Just a few short weeks after the massive SolarWinds supply chain hack was made public, global organizations are now contending with security issues arising from a Microsoft Exchange Server breach involving four zero-day vulnerabilities. According to Microsoft, the operation is state-sponsored. However, something of a free-for-all has developed in recent days, with cyber-criminals moving to […]
Big SASIG 2021
XM Cyber is delighted to be attending this year’s Big SASIG virtual conference, to be held this year on March 23-24. Caroline Paddle, XM Cyber’s Northern Europe Sales Director, will join a panel to cover what’s changed in security and in our life/workstyles and what will the – WFH hybrid? – future look like. Date: […]
Privilege Escalation and Lateral Movement on Azure
Overview This is the second part of XM Cyber series about privilege escalation and lateral movement on Microsoft Azure. Some of the attacks that are shown in this blog are based on Azure fundamentals, explained more fully in Part 1 of this series. In this blog (Part 2), we show different types of attacks against Azure IaaS […]
Continuous Attack-Based Vulnerability Management
Complex, constantly changing digital networks represent an ongoing risk to most organizations. Information technology and cybersecurity teams are overwhelmed with alerts, software updates, and new vulnerabilities. The only solution is to automate and integrate the right information at the right time to give clear direction across management, security, and operations on where to focus. The […]
We are very glad to meet you at the 2021 in-person Cybertech Global event in Dubai, UAE, to be held on April 5-7. Tamir Pardo, XM Cyber’s co-founder and president, will be among the leading speakers, along with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. More details about the agenda will be released soon. This 8th edition […]
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XM Cyber is ready to welcome you to the Swiss Cyber Security Days conference, Switzerland’s leading cybersecurity event, to be held this year online on March 10-11. Mike Heredia, XM Cyber’s VP Sales EMEA & APAC, will discuss Offensive Insight and how to protect your organization’s most critical assets from cyber attackers. Date: March 10 […]