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Click here to watch the webinar held by XM Cyber and ThreatConnect and learn about our truly innovative solution to turn the tables on hackers through a risk-based approach to cybersecurity. In this session, we will share how together we can: Help organizations understand their threat landscape Utilize threat intelligence and continuous attack simulation Automate […]
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Were you to tell anyone that cloud computing is growing, a “thanks Captain Obvious” retort is likely quick to follow. Anyone with a passing familiarity with technology knows that cloud computing is ascendant. Yet the scale of this shift is not always fully appreciated. It’s projected that the cloud industry will double in size between […]
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The process of defending something of value has looked the same for much of human history. We figure out how the adversary is likely to attack; the tactics that will be used against us. We then seek to understand where we are vulnerable to such tactics and how best to take action to close such […]
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Virtually every organization has sensitive and valuable assets to protect. Yet not every organization has a comprehensive and fully thought-out strategy for the protection of those assets. That’s a pretty troubling disconnect — especially if you are one of the organizations in the latter bucket. In the cybersecurity realm, vulnerability management strategies are foundational to […]
Just like cyber defenders need visibility into the threats and vulnerabilities that jeopardize their key assets, smart companies seek visibility into who their ideal customers are and how their products fit their needs. IT security leaders, however, are often so overwhelmed with the day-to-day demands of the job, that they have limited time to consider […]
Join XM Cyber and ThreatConnect to explore how together we can provide a truly innovative solution to turn the tables on hackers. Organizations need to ensure that limited resources are focused on the threats and attacks that pose the greatest risk and financial impact to the business. This calls for a risk-based approach to cybersecurity! […]
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Hackers, Cybercriminals and Other Threat Actors Are Smart – You Need to Be Smarter The modern cybersecurity battleground is delivering a new level of challenges to commercial enterprises and governmental institutions. Both entities are discovering that the process of protecting and securing their most critical assets has become more difficult and complex than ever before. […]
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We are pleased to invite you to join XM Cyber’s updated On-Demand Sales Certification Training as part of our Pathfinder Partner Program. Designed to drive profitability and predictability by prioritizing the channel for resale, services, and managed services, the Pathfinder Partner Program enables channel partners to maximize their revenue while securing their customers with the […]
You’ve already made the smart decision to add orchestration to your security strategy. Now extend those capabilities with risk-free attack simulation and truly see every attack path available in your network. Combining the power of XM Cyber with Cortex XSOAR gives you the extra context your teams require to make the best decisions concerning protecting […]
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Ă€ PROPOS DE CET ÉVÉNEMENT Jeudi 24 juin 2021 – 11h30 (IDT) Intervenants : Karl Buffin, VP of Sales, SEUR, CEUR and Africa, XM Cyber Cyrille Marotte, Technical sponsor Aderyzom Au-delĂ  des termes usuels de ransomware, escalade de privilège, vol de donnĂ©es sensibles …. Chaque jour apporte son lot d’attaques envers tous types d’entreprises. Nous […]