Attack Path Management across the Hybrid Cloud

Gain continuous security posture visibility across your on-premises and multi-cloud environments to close your security gaps ahead of the next attack

Using the attacker’s perspective, you can see the attack before it happens and get a clear view of the security posture across your hybrid cloud network. Utilize full attack graphs of your exposures so you can proactively close the security gaps in your network, pinpoint and prioritize attack paths, and quickly eradicate risk in the most cost-effective manner.

Group 50

Accurate Risk Discovery and Prioritization

Spot the hidden connections between vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and user behavior as it relates to an exploitable attack path, and how attacker’s move laterally

Group 52

Actionable Remediation to Disrupt Attacks

Reduce your attack surface by identifying where all attack paths converge on critical assets and disrupt the attack before it starts with minimum operational effort

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Cost-Effective Security Posture Management

Continually improve your security posture with prioritized guided remediation steps to fix what matters most

Plymouth Rock Group Prioritizes remediations with XM Cyber APM 24/7 attack modeling

"Understanding different attack types and how they move around in an environment, that's really where XM Cyber plays a big part for us."

Harold Moore, CISSP, Director of IT Security at Plymouth Rock

Fast Deployment. Tighter Integrations. More Security

No matter how you run your organization you can leverage attack path intelligence to get a clear view into your hybrid cloud security posture. By combining how attackers can exploit security gaps like misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in relation to your critical assets you can pinpoint the exact changes needed to quickly eliminate the risk of compromise and lateral movement across the network. Get attack path intelligence and prioritized remediation from your existing security investments:

Vulnerability management and ticketing
Cloud infrastructure

Product Features

Prioritized visual mapping of all attack paths from the initial foothold to your critical assets
Automated reporting and guided remediation steps based on recommendation, best practices and hardening
Scenarios Hub
Widest coverage of attack techniques to proactively secure databases, EC2 instances, Virtual Machines, cloud storage accounts and more across hybrid and multi-cloud environments
Unified view to track all critical assets providing immediate Cyber Security Posture
Vulnerability Management
Fix high impact vulnerabilities first with full visibility into all vulnerabilities, affected devices, and patches with prioritization of critical assets at risk

Hamburg Port Authority gained complete security posture visibility while uncovering critical risks

We rely on XM Cyber’s continuous, automated testing to surface in real-time, security issues that would normally take us dozens of manual steps to discover.”

Jens Meier, CEO at Hamburg Port Authority


Eliminate the risks that matter most.